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A woman’s face, like a star-filled sky, holds a million constellations of beauty possibilities yet untold. It’s a combination of both instinct and whimsy in makeup artistry that lets each constellation come alive to shine bright.

An artisan masters her craft by knowing her tools and materials, inside and out. For Danielle Kimiko Vincent, named one of ‘Manhattan’s Beauty Gurus,' makeup is her passion, craft, and way of life. Committed to helping each of her clients envision and reveal her inner and outer beauty, Danielle always begins with the skin: a living palette and stage for the magic of art and performance. In the art of makeup, the subtlest wash of pigment can evoke high drama and the delicate play of light in a woman’s eyes can be set ablaze by the perfect hue of lip color. A firm believer that makeup should be a kind of “theatre,” but never a “mask," Danielle reminds us to get back in touch with our skin and get excited about beauty and wellness rituals that work with our lives to uplift us.

Trademarked by her expansive and discerning product knowledge, from everyday essentials to runway and red carpet trends, Danielle is recognized for her skincare expertise and thoughtfully curated makeup wardrobe. It is no wonder Danielle established her place in the industry when she developed a groundbreaking beauty brand that created an entirely new category, known as Treatment Makeup. KIMIKO was the first color makeup brand to offer refined skincare treatment in every product. After years of development and testing, Danielle was delighted to share the results: luxurious quality makeup, with the advanced benefits of cosmeceutical skincare, packaged and designed for everyday ease of use.

The revolutionary KIMIKO Beauty brand is now a trusted name and Danielle continues to evolve as an artist, product developer, and beauty ambassador, taking inspiration from fashion, art and design, but always staying true to her core values of care, confidence, and luxury in the everyday. 

Whether you’re inspired to create a glamorous look for a special event, longing to simplify your everyday makeup routine with the most effective tools and products, or seeking personal guidance on the best beauty practices and techniques, Danielle Vincent is a beauty wellness expert dedicated to helping you put your very best face forward. 

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